Published at Nov 23rd 2017 8:03pm

Dear Art Lovers & Enthusiasts,

In preparing our second auction this year, many art events happened, such as the Senandung ibu Pertiwi exhibition of the Presidential Palace’s art collection, an exhibition of the work of Nasjah Djamin, both at the National Gallery of Indonesia, ArtJakarta, Art Stage Jakarta, ICAD’s Murni exhibition, all in Jakarta, Indonesia’s participation in Europhalia in various cities in Europe, the Jakarta and Yogyakarta biennales, the Between Worlds exhibition featuring the work and life of Juan Luna and Raden Saleh at the National Gallery, Singapore, and last but not least the amazing sale of Salvatore Mundi, a painting that has been authenticated as a work by Leonardo Da Vinci in a New York auction for a hammer price of US$ 400 million.
Many of these events, along with a legal trial for the sale of works of forgery that happened in Singapore earlier this year, underline the importance of three aspects in the world of art today: research, provenance and history.

It maybe no coincidence that the works in this auction have come from various interesting collections, and many works in the collection have art historical and historical significance. We are proud to present artworks from the collection of Haryono Haryoguritno, world expert in traditional keris and passionate collector of cultural artefacts. Among the wonderful pieces in this collection, emerged a rare portrait of a young woman from Bengalore by Edhi Sunarso (lot #036), done during his stay in India in 1956-7.

Other than the Portrait of Megha, previously mentioned, there are also a number of portraits of various figures including a painting of Indonesian politician and the nation’s fifth Prime Minister, Mohammad Natsir, by Henk Ngantung (lot #032), Wardoyo’s self portrait(#038), Soeromo’s portrait of Affandi (lot #039), a painting of gentleman by Basoeki Abdullah (#028), and Soenarto Pr.’s painting of a young girl (lot #035). While there are a number of other portraits in the auction, Lee Man Fong’s portrait of microbiologist H.O.K Tanzil is one that has historical signficance.

Henk Ngantung’s painting of the Laksar KRIS (Karawaang) militia group (lot #161), provides a glimpse of artistic life during the Indonesian Revolutionary War of 1945-1949. Meanwhile, from the collection of the late Leo Wattimena, an important figure in the Indonesian Air Force, we feature a painting by Trubus Sudarsono depicting a scene from the Dwikora Operations in 1964 (lot #135).

While there are many paintings by important artists including Popo Iskandar, Srihadi Soedarsono and A. D. Pirous, Nyoman Gunarsa, Kriyono, Arifien “Neif” and many others are offered, we pay special tribute to the late Arie Smit who passed away almost two years ago, and the late Bagong Kussudiardja, whose 90th birth anniversary will be coming up next year.

Recognizing the importance of research, provenance and history, we always try our best to offer artworks that will not only appeal artistically to our clients, but also artworks that have cultural and historical significance, so as to enrich the lives of those who will be experiencing, appreciating and interacting with them on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy our auction!

10 December 2017
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