Published at Aug 3rd 2016 12:10pm

Dear Friends of Artfordable Auction,

Embarking on the second ArtFordable this year, we are fortunate to come across 142 appealing work of art and given them the chance to be discovered by art lovers out there. The process of discovering the collection is as exciting as presenting and as auctioning it. We love to share what we found and the little stories behind.

From receiving entries to determining which artwork to go it takes about at least 4 months. Each lot has been reviewed and assigned for a certain order of appearance and lot number. We did careful considerations of how each piece would steal the attention of potential bidders. These lots have been hand picked to participate in this auction. So don’t miss Istirahat (resting) by I Wayan Pengson. The lady in green leaves you with the statement of peacefulness is created by inner beauty regardless.

We have two Jeihan paintings: Mother and Child as well as Two Dancers. Both paintings brought in by the same owner. Awestruck by the Two Dancers, the team and I have decided to place it as the last lot as the paramount of selection since it sparks two sides of vividly intense and dark shades. The signature cat edition of Popo, an impression of a black cat with slanted solid black eyes against red background is also present in this auction; it has been featured in “Rupa Kata” Art and Thoughts of Popo Iskandar (First Edition 2014, page no. 450).

If you are found of a realistic portrait of Indonesian vegetable seller, here we have the painting of Muhsoni, Tetap Tersenyum portraying a woman who carries a bunch of cabbages on her back and she still smiles to carry on her day. It leaves a pleasant surprise of real color and insightful local flavor of the street life.

Wahyu Gunawan on Danau Lotus (lake of lotus) is taking us to wander imagining the tranquility of lake of lotus where you could float and paddle among the flowers. Some believe that lotus is symbolic of purity of the body, speech and mind. It also symbolizes detachment as drops of water easily slide off its petals. Whichever ways we wander of, the painting could speak both: purity and maybe detachment.

In addition, we have The Imitation by Anton Afghanial. This is his first debut to be part of this auction. The Imitation comes in a large canvas, 180x220cm and it has quite intricate cluster of details and lines. If you look at it real close, it is like finding hidden forms. Have a try to discover certain animals in the painting. It is kind of fun exploration.

From China, we present the work of Ji Xiaofeng. Pastel colors are the new black this day. This painting although expressed in blurry and hazy mood, the form and shape intrigue the audience to look at what the two ladies do. They might be staring at someone or gossiping over wine and cocktails. Obviously the ladies are dressed up and put their best look to be seen this scene. Pastel tones seem to blend well with whole mood and story here.

We also would like to highly recommend the work of the following artists, Mara Karma, Lim Wasin, Bonny Setiawan, Untung Wahono, J.B. Iwan Sulistyo, Maria Tjui and D.J. Rachmansjah among others. Enjoy it and happy bidding!

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