Published at Aug 21st 2017 10:22am

Dear Art Lovers & Enthusiasts,

Welcome to the second ArtFordable Auction this year. Our team has selected 180 art pieces in the spirit of commemorate Indonesia’s Independence Day 17th August 2017. There are many ways to celebrate national day, especially Independence Day. Each nation usually has indigenous traditions honoring it.

Through this auction, we would like to bring to light the spirit of Indonesia unity in diversity collected from the perspectives of Indonesian artists. How they interpret our society, generation and heroes nowadays. As you flip through the pages of our catalog and if you land on page 99, you will find the lots of Erica and Didi Kasi. Both artists play with naïve shapes and forms to express what they see. Erica on Gadis Milenium (millennium girl) dated in 1999, she captures the aspirations of living in this century; travelling abroad such as to San Francisco, SF and being connected to various channels of voices: TV, radio and telephone. It was still in 1999, where social media were not boomed yet. Imagine today, she would probably add more channels. Didi Kasi on the other hand, picks Super Hero, in which he arranges a character of Javanese puppets (inspired by the Mahabrata) to meet “C”, the Captain perhaps that he might refer it to one of a western super hero. The clash between the two leaves to wonder what the two talk about and what language that they speak, or they might not dispute just merely converse about diversity.

Being independent is being able to set your mind free to create and progress. Next lot that attracts my attention is Sang Penakluk lot 176, (the conqueror) by Otto Djaya. Conquering a bull takes a lot of courage and it is gutsy. The energy and mindset of I can do it beating what may be impossible and moving on are projected well. The long hair and whip swing in unison with the body following the next moves where the bull goes. The earth tones and bright yellow sun light all crisscross cheering the fight and anticipating the victory of either one. There is a sense of heroism in this painting.

Through unity in diversity, we seek harmony. What we learn from the painting of Bejo Sumiarto, lot 137 Harmoni (harmony), a couple riding bicycles composed in balance with red and white background says a lot. Cycling needs the skills to be in balance while paddling requires harmony to synch in with our body. So it goes the same to us, to live in this country we need to understand that the colorful and multi-dimensional cultural backgrounds already exist from one generations to another generation. The origins and early settlements have mixed and leaving us with rich ethnicity and cultures.

If you browse through our catalog, you would see more diverse artworks. Some inspired by life in Bali, Jawa, coastal area of Sumatra, Hindu temples and paddy harvest. We also bring in the artworks of other well-known artists, such as Jeihan, Hanafi, Nyoman Gunarsa, and more.

Let’s see more and looking forward to seeing you at our auction.

August 26, 2017
Starting at 01.30 pm

Thursday - Friday
24 - 25 August, 2016
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