Published at Mar 12th 2017 9:21pm

Dear Art Lovers & Enthusiasts,

Welcome to the first ArtFordable Auction in 2017. We are very much excited to bring on 164 art pieces and show them to you in this first quarter of the year. The selections are enriched by diversity and new work that has not been auctioned nor for sales before.

If you are looking for fresh new look or new artists, we have new comers of our painting selections are: Totok BS, Roby Lukita, Agung Putra, Indra Gunadharma, Ade Pasker, Yurnalis BES, Ermy Herfika and Satya Budhi. Spare sometimes to go through the details of their work and the stories behind.

We are sure that some of you are hunting for the paintings of established artists. As many as 10 senior artist's paintings are in this auction as well; they are Bramasto, Nurdin, Nana Binna, Krijono Haris, William T. Swanty, Jeihan Sukmantoro, Taat Joeda, Suprobo, Nyoman Gunarsa, Anton Huang, Soebroto Jero Mangku and Yadi K.S.

Both of the above categories offer uniqueness and individual styles. The diversity of the selections teaches us to appreciate and understand many different genres from portraits to abstracts, from landscape to still life, realistic capture to impressionistic shapes and forms. These diversities lead us to accept that there many artistic forms to choose.

We have a small department of a few European artists, such as Sergiy Savchenko, Jiri Votuba and anonymous one and followed by selected contemporary paintings, such as Komang Agus Dharma Putra, Ketut "Lekung" Sugantika, Wenas Heriyanto, Budi Siswanto, Dirot Kadirah, Rieswandi, Yaya Sukaya, Sujana Keyem, Jing Chuang Long, Bambang BP and many more.

On special highlights are Suprobo’s and Jeihan’s work. They seem endlessly charm us with the expression of the subject matters. They convey multi dimension messages. The silent looking that is echoing its reason being. Its presence. Its beauty and the magic of paintings.

As you browse through the pages and if land your attention to some of the painting, you will enjoy travelling through paintings without leaving your seat.

Enjoy the selection and happy bidding!

25 March 2017
Starting at 01.30 pm

Thursday - Friday
23 - 24 March 2017
10.00 am - 08.00 pm

Mezzanine Floor The Energy Building
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 lot 11 A
SCBD, Senayan
South Jakarta

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Syanda Kunto-Prabowo
Sidharta Auctioneer