Published at Mar 7th 2016 5:23am

Dear Art Lovers & Enthusiast,

Welcome to the first edition of Sidharta ArtFordable Auction in 2016. Let’s discover 158 lots that are packed with diverse choices from the work of well-known artists to the new comers. The new comers are Arif Fiyanto, Romdon Hamdani, I Putu Wigo, Imron and Dhani Soegara. If you feel like to take some adventures hunting for new artists’ paintings, the work of art by the above artists might appeal to you. The beginning of the year sometimes is a good time to buy art pieces that are completely different from what you usually purchase.

In this ArtFordable Auction, we include the work of two reputable senior artists of Jeihan Sukmantoro who was born in Solo, Central Java in 1938.‚Ä®From 1960-1966, he studied painting at ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology). He has had solo exhibitions in Jakarta, Bandung, Solo and Surabaya in Indonesia, Rome (Italy) and Paris (France). He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Indonesia, United States of America, Algeria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. In 1978, he established the Studio Seni Rupa Bandung (Bandung Fine Arts Studio) with Dr. Sudjok. Jeihan’s signature painting is a pair of solid black eyes, that somewhat looking at you, Farida, lot 086. He captures the vibes and impression of his subject that most of the time sits still. In this auction, we also carries out another piece by Jeihan is Penari Jawa (Javanese dancer). The second piece appears different and projects more energizing lemon yellow against mysterious indigo blue.

Another well-known artist in these collections are by Popo Iskandar. Most art collectors are familiar with cat as the subject matter of his paintings. Although animal theme dominate his work, our auction is closed with Popo’s work of Rumah-Rumah di Tepi Bukit (houses on the valley). It may look like a group of triangles but if you notice, it has depth and foreground and middle ground perspectives of earth tone house roofs. Mustard yellow sky falls in the back as the far away background.

In the department of Chinese painting selections, we have Jing Chuang Long, Zhou Hai, Wan Zhi Biao, Song Mei Xing and Ying Mai Ke (Michael Ying). Although the paintings have strong Chinese influences, they appear quite universal to be displayed with other art collections in your house or office.

As for sculptures we have Johan Abe with Couple made of resin and iron screen. A pair of love bird, standing and interlocking wrapped in a long piece drapery. The cloth textures are combinations of crisps and roughness; interesting mixtures of love vibes. Another sculpture is by Amrus, Rumah Adat (traditional house). Two standing pieces of wood with height of 35 cm and 65 cm. Both are made from one log of wood, hand cut and crafted to depict a living quarter above the ground. Natural earth tones dominate the pieces.

Take your time, enjoy our selections. At the end of the day, art work should allow you to make you feel at home.

Happy bidding!

Syanda Kunto ArtFordable Auction